Patrick’s Theory


What is “happy”? Happiness isn’t real. It’s a freakin state of mind. It’s imaginary. See this? This right here….this bottle of beer….this is happiness. This is real. I can touch it, i can hold it, i can drink it. Just like drugs. Heroin is real. Speed is real. I can snort, inject, smoke, and shove it up my ass….like a suppository. Those are real too. These are happy. I love these…and they love me back.

“So when’d you start with the heroin?”

Eh…my girlfriend and i had a falling out. We got this bright idea to move back in together and eveything went to shit. She wont even let me see my daughter. I stopped doing it for a while for her. Women are bitches…what you listening to?

“Yes we are. Thank you for noticing. Luxt. Can you hook it up with an 8ball?”

If it makes you happy…

By MasochisticSweetness

Fuck off and die.