Penny for your thoughts?

Penny for your thoughts?

A.j. Wilcox 2

for dad

Within the depths of my mind I see their faces,
As I stand in a room of endless darkness and grace,

Ghostly heads floating around me in an ever ending orbit,
Taunting me to the point of throwing a gastric fit,

Bringing to mind memories long forgotten,
Of things I can’t bear to think happen,

Caused by a rage never felt so strong,
Making me do things so hideously wrong,

They tell me they’re on my side,
They tell me to do the things I’ve already tried,

They beseech my end desperately,
For if I go, they stay infinitely,

I am them, and they are me,
We hold the same spot on the family tree,

Yet we are different as well,
They are the demons of my mental hell,

We are one and we are many,
there are my thoughts, now where is my penny?