I was thinking today about ppl…and I figured out why I hate the human race so damn much. Its from all the pain they have gievn me over the past years. The pointing and laughing and whispering…just because I am different, just because I am not some bimbo ditz whos wardrobe consits of Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle shit with the lil bracelets from Tiffanys, and the big ass flip flops no chick can walk in without killing themselves. They think I am some freak, some evil bitch, just because I am dark. They sterotype me for being gothic, they dont even know whut the fuck a goth is…I do not think of myself as a goth or label myself that, but I am pretty dark. The world is full of such stupid ppl, they’re all morons, they are so ignorantt they are to busy with the heads up their asses to take a look around and see wtf is going on, or whos who. They just know that ppl who wear black are goths and thats that, they dont want to get to know me or my friends, they just ignore us, like we’re some worthless scum of the earth. they are to good for us…I hope they all get a good taste of what they put ppl like me through.


My name is Ashes...I am obsessed with fire and blood and dark shit...I'm 15 and live in hell aka Phoenix Arizona, I hate ppl and I hope they all die one day.