well, ya know how we’re always saying how people who are not like us are all the same? well lately i have been disagreeing with that. has anyone ever just gone to the mall and observed people? they all have different qualities and different tastes as well. if you read perhaps four different people’s auras you will see that they all are very unique and have different kinds of glows, different spirit, and different colours. and what about how they act? i mean, some people are good looking and some aren’t. but it’s interesting to see how an outwardly ugly person acts compared to a outwardly good looking person. and i have noticed that ugly people are usually happier than prettier people. point is that we really can’t judge them becuz they don’t like the darkness. i mean who’s to know that anyway? didn’t before we all entered the darkness appear to be light? every person is so INTERESTING and so UNIQUE that i could write an entire book about it and people might like it. so anyway, i just wanted to say that every person is not like some cow in a herd of cattle.

By flamingwings

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