you sit there and tell me that youll support me 100% of the way, you sit back and tell me i can do anything i want, you sit back and tell me your so frigging proud of everything i do, then you turn around and tell me how much of a dissapointment i am, you stand there and yell that i’m going to fail, you yell that i have issues, im driving myself insane, so dark and so cold and so withdrawn from everythig, messing up my life and pushing everyone away, im weird, im unstable, and i need help.

so help me, make me what you want, give me the name i’d need to get anywhere here, give me the simple mind i’d need to be popular, take away my rights, structure my life and take away my inspiration, mould my face into a smile, wipe the emptyness from my eyes. capture my soul put out the flame that burns in my heart and watch me become lifeless like you. buy my clothes, do my hair decorate my room and make me over like the rest. choose my music rent my movies and buy the books you want me to read. take control of my education, alter my interests and choose my career and me me all that YOU KNOW I CAN BE. put me on your gold pedalstool and tell me how proud you are… then kill me, because i would rather be dead.