permanent failure

i live in death- porks slaughter
i live in war- i hate my friends
i live in suicide and the world is a ruin
i eat red meat- the world is violent

i live in fear, black and horrors
i don’t know what to do so i jump in the dark
i don’t know what is love- the world is too heavy
i don’t feel quite at ease- the world is ugly

i hate this life- the world is a carnage
and i think of the faults that no one sentence
and i think of death that everybody ignore
my vagina is cold and my head is a box

i am bisexual- the world is cruel
i have morbid desires and i love crimes
i touch myself- i am egoistic
i eat my own shit- haunted conscience

in this messed up world it’s permanent failure.


blehh. i dunno, ask me if it really bother you.