Perry was sitting on his bed again, thinking of earlier when the
boys at school threatend to beat him up..

>then tackled him into the metal gate surrounding the school. THey
duct taped him to it, they left him there for an hour and a half, as
people walked by and didnt even bother to help this poor little kid.
>A group of girls were walking toward him laughing, but wanting to
help him. they did.
>The phone rang and cut out the imgaes of earlier and ran to
answer it.
>”hello” Perry said
>”Hi perry, its me…”
>Aw the sound of and angels voice, Perrys Girlfreind Shawna.
>”Perry i think we need to break up, and move on. I’m not
that into you anymore, and ive found someone better.
>…He was confised he couldnt know how to feel, know how to cope.
she was the only thing that kept him alive.
>Perry imediatley hung up the phone.
>went to his room and salty tears dripped to his lips as he
burried his face in his pillows.
>What made her leave this helpless boy?
>Perry wanted to just end his life.. end everything. He thought of
his dad, and how drunk he will probably be. he hasnt been home since
>He heard a door slam and the ruffle of his dads blue jeans as the
sound became louder..until he opend the door.
>his dad jumped on him and as his ribs crackled together hsi dad
punched the daylights out of him..
>he lay there and everything went dark
>He opend his eyes to the daylight creeping its way through his
window shutters.
>he was in the same position his dad left him in
>He tried to get up, but the cuts and bruses held him down.
>But he managed to crawl to someclothes dress himself and stumble
his way to school
>He walked through the doors of his home room, immediatley the
boys who messed with him the other day were pointing at him
>they laughed and began to make fun of him.
>Perry shouted and told them to f-off before he kicks their ass
>The teacher walked in and aked what he was screaming about. He
put on a fake smile and said, oh nothing just trying to make everyone
>He sat down and his shawna came to his mind.
>what would he do if he sees her today? would he just ignore her
or shyly come up to her and smile.
>The calss was over and he saw shawna with that boy who was
“better” than him… But who could ever be better than a
boy like this? anyone, he thought
>He grabbed his pack and ran through the front gates of school and
ran home he yelled “Fuck school, i hate everone, everything in
my worthless insignificant life!.”
>He panted his way to his room after he arrived at home to find
his dad sleeping on the couch. He creeped to his room and opend his
>Perry opend a secret hole he had cut out to store 4 guns.
>Perry tore off his clothes and began changing into black and
cried as he loaded the gun clips bullet by bullet.
>The last clip he left with one bullet…the bullet of suicide
>he walked back to was his lunch period. he opend the
doors and slowly walked to the boys tables where they were laughing
at some meaning less comment.
>Perry took out 2 guns and pointed them at the boys
>perry squeezed the trigger and killed all 4 boys.
>Everyone scrambled as they heard the shreking shooting frenzy
>he aimed at shawna and her new boyfreind and opend fire on her
while he was gaining a slight smile on his face.
>he pointed at the teachers and fire upon them.
>the dropped to the floor.
>he smiled and dropped the guns
>he took out the last gun
>the last bullet was in there
>He cocked it slowly and pointed the cold barrel to his adams
>He pulled the trigger.
Perry fell and lay in a red pool of endorsment as he gained the only tranquility in his life

By johnluke

in arizona. skating i spend all my time alone i desire the desireless