Phantom Touch

I sat in front of the fireplace. The flames danced along the walls, shadows writhing and reshaping themselves. I studied her, feeling the passion rise again.

The smooth and flawless skin stretched over finely sculpted muscle and then bone. She was a work of art. She had long legs, long arms- willowy some might say. Her stomach was flat, and her ribs could be seen slightly as she stirred in her sleep. Her hips tilted upward, and a small moan escaped her lips. I could see her profile by the light, her tongue darted out of her mouth to lick her generous lips. Her eyes were closed, her mouth opened again- another moan of pure ecstasy. It would appear that she was having sex, with some unknown fiend. Was that what she was dreaming of?
I got up to examine her closer. I sat across from where she lay. Her legs slid languidly, and her thighs parted to reveal her moistness. I watched as the skin of her perfect stomach rippled, as if fingers were stroking her. Her breasts rippled as well, the skin became taught as the nipples hardened. She moaned again. Her buttocks rose in the air, lifted by phantom hands. Her legs spread wide, and the small lips hidden by fine hair opened. It seemed she were being taken- by someone that I could not see. Her mouth parted, and she started gasping, moan after moan escaped from her. I watched all of this, and it did never occur to me to stop whatever was happening. Sweat beads and goose-bumps rose on her smooth skin. She appeared to have reached an orgasm, her mouth began to quiver, her body to shake violently. I was intrigued by this display. I placed my hand a few inches above her body, and I hit something solid. Then I heard a small sigh, not from her. My hand fell a little, unsupported- holding nothing but air.
A small gasp came from her, and she cried out. “Come back to me.” She whispered. She whimpered, apparently missing the warm body that appeared to have left. I wordlessly removed my clothing. I was naked now, looming over her. She cried out again. I lowered myself, wrapping my arms underneath her. Her hands moved all over my body. She raked her fingers down my back, and I cried out in slight pain. She grabbed my hips, hungry for me. I thrust into her, and then drew back slightly. I pulled almost all the way out, then thrust deeper still. A smile played on her lips. My own body started to shake, and we simultaneously reached a thundering climax. I pushed myself away from her, and lay on my back. I took shallow breaths.
I lay still for a few moments. Without warning, I felt her heated body climb onto mine. She straddled me, and lowered herself onto me. She began to writhe, to move back and forth slowly. Then the motions became more frantic, and faster. My arms wrapped around her small waist. I could feel the heat rising from my skin, almost as if I was burning in the fire. To my dismay, her body became limp and lifeless, falling on top of me. I pushed her off, her dead weight crushing me. I tried to roll her over, but I stopped in mid motion. Wherever her sweating body had touched mine, I could now feel nothing. I was numb. I tried to cry out, to no avail. I slipped into a sleep, never to awaken again.