Philosophical Ghosts

Who am I? What am I? Why am I? Where am I on other planes of existence? How did I come to be, and where will I eventually end up? What makes me, me? These are questions most of us have asked at some time or other, and I know I still ask nearly everyday. But are the answers to any of these questions even important?

Ghosts exist in the whispers of our memories. The wavering images, thoughts and scents. Thin remembrances of things past, they are the true ghosts of those who have passed. Others keep us alive, or let us die when they forget. Even if it’s only one memory, keep it alive, keep the flame burning, pass it on, and help one soul to live on, one person to never be forgotten. Stop their lives being in vain. It’s amazing, even after all those who remembered one person, have since passed themselves, that first individuals impact can be felt on the world through the other lives they created, and the contributions they made. People make differences long after others have forgotten who they were, and that they even existed. I’m going to make a difference. I’m not sure how, but I want to impact on as many peoples lives as possible. I probably already have on those closest to me, just as they have helped to shape who I am, and I’m grateful for that, because I wonder who I would be without their influence. No one most likely. We learn not only through experience, but also through observation. How would one person develop if they were locked in a room alone, what would shape that persons personality? Can personalities be programmed into us on some level, or do we have to be exposed to things in a certain way to become who we are? I wish I knew. I guess it’s kind of a ‘nature or nurture?’ question. It would be great if there were different dimensions that we could travel to so that we could see just who we’d be in different situations.

By Audryn

I search for truth and understanding...


  1. Who are we? Who knows. Most of the time we are ‘nobody’ in the vast scheme of things doing tiny little things which may not appear of any importance. Can we see those other selves . . . it is possible to do, but hard to prove, time lines can be jumped across in subtle ways and over time they build. There is a point where you can find you have ended up not where you were supposed to be at the begining of life.

    Who are we? Question eternal. Know thyself, be thyself . . . let them be your guides. In the end it will only matter to the soul and the self. Others outside will never see the full extent.

    Nature or nurture? Not only people around whom we can relate to directly, but the vaster scheme of things to that which we are not normally aware. If we could encompase everything and survive the seeing, then we would know… but it is not possible. Instead we see it in pieces over time and through many life times, and life times within life times.

  2. You got me thinking…..I don’t want to be forgotten when I die. It makes death seem much more lonely and dark. I want to make an impression on at least one person in life……in a way it seems selfish of me to want that. Then again it seems only human.

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