I know my fate.
I know my destiny.
It is the same as his.
It is the same as hers.

It is the same as yours.
And while our journies are in different lands, and our drives are fuled by different lusts, and our clocks are set at different speeds, and time is shorter for some than for others, we all pay the same price.
For all the heat and passion in us, we all surrender to the cold.
As bright as we may shine now, we all surrender to the dark.
As sure as we try to become something, we all become the nothing.
All of us are forgotten.
All that we are, all that we make of ourselves, all that we learn, all that we teach is in vain.
Nothing justifies our being.
Still we hope and we dream and we plan and we create…but nothing can change the fact that the ending, the darkness, is the only true existance.
It was here in the begining, it is in itself what is to be, and it does and will swallow us all.

By Tre`Optik

temporarily forever