The pain is growing in my brain
The pain is driving me insane
I have a Fuckin headache
And I have no pills to take

I’ll teach you Physics you fuckin Bitch
Stop your lecturing you computer glitch
I am gonna find the force in pounds
Of how many neutons it takes to stomp your head in on
school grounds
I am gonna find the velocity
Of my fist swingin in to your monstrocity
Your face is going to burst
Blood and guts will rain their worst
I will piss on your remains
On the balance I’ll place your brains
I will drop your body from the ceiling
Calculating the gravity with which I am dealing
I’ll push your body across the floor
Starting from the wall to the door
With your blood I will make a graph
Then, finding your acceleration, I will laugh
I will laugh without breath for the rest of my life
For if P = Physics, Sn = Sliced Neck, and K = Knife
Then P = 1Sn + 1K
Therefore all of this is just one bloody day

By Blessed

Born on August 20, 1983. Went through really religious period, now in a very dark one...been there ever since. Love scaring the shit out of people that expect you to be good. Read my poetry...see what a Valedictorian really has on his mind.