Pleading Insanity

Nothing against the nature of sin, oh no. can’t have insults here, can we? Yet you break those rules quite often.
Are you persecuted for the times you spent hurting those who should matter more? Oh, certainly not.
But why then should I be the target of all this anguish when I try my best to stay hidden? Simple greed, would you say?
Well, I’m not just going to go away, you know that by now. But of course…THAT would be your wish.
You can’t hurt me now, I’ve said it before. But I am immortal now and you shall fall to dust. Still, it’s not fair-the pain I endure. Because of what? A thousand years back. Not fair, not fair.
No more pain, no more sorrow, Momma. Make it all go away. Make it stop, Momma. I need you.
I’ll be good this time, I promise. Just take me out of this scary place. Momma, there’re monsters!
Stop yelling, child, it’s no use. I’ll kill you soon, anyway. No. I will not go away. You will not leave.
I have you now. In my grasp. Held by power. There’s no escape for you now.

By Sorrow Symphony

I am truly in need of healing. But I doubt that will come. More later.