please belive me

why dont you belive me?
your suposed to be my bestfriend
your suposed to care when im scared and hurt
i tell you im scared of him

but you dont care
i was always told friends care
and friends will always be there
if your suposed to be there
then why do you leave me?
you leave me with the man who only lives to see me suffer
you dont belive me when i tell you
you dont even care
you think i do it for attention
you think i pretend my life is worse than everyone elses
you think i do this to myself
so i dont have to feel sorry for anyone but me
i wish someone belived me
i wish someone cared
i wish someone knew how i felt
or atleast pretended they knew
i wish my step dad would die
so i wouldnt be accused of telling this lie

this is the first thing i have ever submitted and it is very true even though its probably not even close to the best on here


By beaten_beauty

im female im 14