Please help me

Please help me
My walls are crashing down,
Can you feel it?
Please help me.

My life is falling
into a deep hole of sadness and desperation
My mind is lost,
can you find it?
Please held me.
I a losing my way again.
My tears of anxiety are
running down my cheeks.
Can you stop them?
Please help me.
I can feel my life slipping away
My screams of
lonelyness,despiration and pain
are echoing through the halls
can you hear them
Please help me.
Stop my pain, my loneliness my,despiration
My soul is falling
in a down-ward spiral
will you catch it?
Please help me.
The thing that created my every
existence is slipping away.
Please help me, Oh please.
Read between the lines
listen to all I dont say
Please, I need you, please
My life is slipping away.
Please Help me.