Poem – Black Rose Immortal

My beautiful black rose
stands out among the rest.
It holds more beauty
than that of the surrounding roses.
My rose captures more feeling.
Thousands of red roses
envelope my lonely rose.
Yet my rose draws more attention.
It strikes the eye
of every passerby.
Lovely, velvet, red…
It makes your heart lift with joy,
but my ebony rose
can show you so much more.
It’s stories will bring you to tears.
Painful tears that will pierce your soul.
Viloent words to make your
ears ring till they bleed.
The beauty of pain shines through.
Hurt and heartache yell
out in melodic screaming.
My black rose wears all colors.
Colors of pain
Colors of joy
Colors of tears and abandonment
The only way to see them
is to look past my
black rose immortal…
and listen.

†April Rocha†

By +Lost-N-Confuzed+

I'm not x-actly sure who I am.. But I hope to figure that out soon.