Poem : Failure

FailureAs I lie here wide awake.I reflect upon my lifes mistakes.I look at my life, and see what I’ve done.the reflection of my life is depressing.My life is a failure.My failures are many, accomplishments few.I look at your life; your life is perfect.Your failures are few, accomplishments many.I ponder how you do it.But i can’t find an answer.I cry myself to sleep over my failures.You are so happy in your life.I wish i could be like you in every way.I am an outsider looking for a way in.I see you inside, looking at me.You try to talk to me.But i can’t hear you through the fire.You peer into my eyes,The windows to my soul.You see the pain, in which I embreace.I can see that it pains you to see my pain. You do nothing but weep from my pain.I concentrate really hard to get to you.Finally there is a path through the fire.You run to me and hold me tight.I feel your pain dissipate as you feel mine.I sob inyou your chest, for I am now happy.I have never felt this way before.I know that you feel the same.We hold each other for hours, That seem like mere seconds.I gaze into your eyes,And see the tear well up in your eyes.Please don’t cry I silently beg.As I watch a solitary tear roll down your faceYou apologize and beg me not to cry for you,As you are pulled back into your hell hole away from me.I chase after you, through the fire.Now that i have you, I’m not going to let you go.I will do everything that I have to to keep you.I know that you feel the same way.If we lost each other, we would die of broken hearts.You know that I love you,I know that you love me.Now that I’m on the inside, I’m not leaving you, now or ever. I love you always.