poem of nothing for you

once upon a time i cried tears for you
now later inlife its tears you cry for me
once upon a time i would have done anything for you
now its time you give it all up for me

but you never will
you never cared
my heart has fallen into disrepair
while yours has found joy after using me
your happy now and alone i sit crying over my every mistake
wish that pill woulda let you take
wash it down and away your life it would take
then it would be easier for the life of my love i woulda lost
but not the love of my life i woulda seen with someone else
i ahte you soo much it makes me clench in pain
yet i love you so much its brings tears of blood from my brain
i wish i could hold you beneath some water somewhere
let you die from lack of air
letyou feel how i feel alone in my despair
but i love you too much and your happines i see
thats all ive ever wanted
i never knew this much it could hurt me
please i pray dont think me ill
for you i wanted to kill
but is all the better now because your happy
and my sorrow i will take upon my shoudlers broadly
and all i can say is im sorry

By shadowedlight

momento morten vitae sequens. (remember death follows life)