Poem: Rage

I took grasp of the sword… yet the sword weilds me
I cant let go. intoxicated by the power, feeling alive
My vengance will be complete,
If only I could put it down and find peace

The sword weilds me… is it too late for me?
Possesed by hatred, for the wrongs done to me
Awake in cold sweat, this nightmare in progress
Feeling the weight of the world on my chest
Disarm, dismember, destroy all thats in my way
The rage inside keeps me going everyday
I wage this untold war… enemies begone…
So tired of this hatework drenching me
Pictures in my head, of a world cold and dead
All sentenced to die by my hands, again and again
On my knees with blood-drenched hands,
holding my head from all the pain,
screaming inside, as the tears run down my face…
alone amidst all the destruction I’ve caused
Weilding this sword, as this sword weilds me
Cut by this double edge, damn this gifts curse
Rest….never there, hoping for sleep
Only my mistress…. mistress celeste
can bring me release.


By AvatarZero

Look at me and see nothing..... look long enough and see the death and decay and utter bitterness left by .... =Avatarzero=