POEM ~ She Would Be Loved

Some call her twisted and sick.
Others a freak or weird.
They don’t understand her motive.
The won’t take time to understand.

She remembers vaguely that awful night,
but the screams will never cease.
The tears will always be falling,
untill she can forgive herself.

If no one else shows sympathy,
she has to hate herself.
Cast away from God’s lovely place.
Bound from his eternal love.

The incident was two years ago,
but now her life just rots.
There’s nothing beyond this.
Once a murder, no turning back.

Like a tormenting nightmare,
the pain won’t end.
Muffled screams chill the air.
That night comes into play…

Like any other demented household,
she came home to the joyous bickering.
Lovely arguments carrying on.
While sickening music blares.

Once more those hateful orders,
demanding more respect.
She didn’t think her mother deserved it.
Her painful words would never stop.

No one could make her feel more worthless
than her more-than-perfect mother.
She shouldn’t try to argue back,
close-minded parents have nothing to loose.

But she did.
She tried to prove a point.
Her mother’s fist now raised
and the threats yelled out.

She was frightened, but stubborn.
She never would admit it.
Did it mean her mother didn’t love her?
Did it mean she never did?

Sinister thoughts compiled.
Sickening crimes were contemplated.
It all would end a mess.
Her mother’s blood… a mess.

She can’t remember how it happened,
or how it came about,
but she held her mother’s body.
Screaming, crying…. completely lost.

Six knives lay in her chest.
A slash across her throat.
The initial ‘A’ carved over
her once warm, beating heart.

She figured LIFE was the wall
that stopped her mother’s love.
Maybe in tearing down the walls,
in death she would be loved.
~April Rocha

By +Lost-N-Confuzed+

I'm not x-actly sure who I am.. But I hope to figure that out soon.