Poem: Suicide?

If it were easy to describe,

The beauty of her gaze,

where all of darkness hides,

As if lost in a closed maze.

So attractive and so cold,

her soft touch brings us light,

her secrets remain untold,

As we dare not ask, we’re all in fright.

Slimy walls and bloody floors,

The clock is beating on us all.

She’s waiting for us at the wooden doors

As she chooses who has to fall.

We all know her,

And we all need

what she gives us

And what she breeds.

She’s an angel

An ugly death

A simple gesture

Our last breath.

By God_meat

I stand inside myself. Trying to break through. Cutting myself for freedom, i rip and bleed. Life flowing out of me, but I never scream, As no one wants to hear, Useless waste , my ugly life.