Poem- The Last Sunset

What the hell is happening?
To me?
I tried to show you all
To let you all see

Abnormal function
Words cannot describe
That hate that is in me

What the hell happened?
To the structure of what was life?
I found out it was all a lie
Feel all there is left is to die
Do you burn the apple to ash?
Or let it slowly rot away?

Im slowly rotting
Letting myself become
What I knew I would in time
The dam has broke
I’ve let the decay in
I’ve crossed that line

Everything is a lie
There will be a day
When Im all alone
That day will be my last
The day when everyone is not around
Nothing will matter but what’s in my head
That depressing,cycling sound
Playing over and over
Every fucked up thought will knock on my door
That will be the day,bullet to the head
Then my body falls to the floor
Over,failed to overcome,I knew the day would arrive
When the rot would turn me into this
And I know there will be a day,I know it won’t go away
So I will,with all my mess,pull the trigger to make me die
Bring me rest,bring me an end,bring me death
Fuck it,End this lie

On that lonely day,the final tears
On that lonely day,my final hate
On that lonely day,it will be done
On that lonely day,memories erased
On that lonely day,all lead up to this
The final sunset of many lonely days,
The hate
The sadness
The gun
The head
The bullet
The body
The floor
Live,no more

Adam Keith McElwain

By Adam Keith

My name is Adam.