Poem: U n Me

im dark; ur light
im wrong; ur right
im quiet; ur loud
im unsure; ur proud
i cry; u laugh
i smile; u yak
i feel; u don care
i dont heal; ur unaware
youd never take the time of day to find out why
fuck, its ok, i don care why U cry
you cry when u break a goddam nail
i cry when i break- my heart is frail
im black; ur pink
i float; u sink
i listen; u turn ur head
ur happy; i wish i was dead
u don understand what i go through
all the pain hidden inside, what id give to be u
u just act like im distant, not even there
thats just fucked up, like im not even there
thats ok, when im dead, ull feel hella bad
thats rite, no u wont, u don get fucking sad
well i do, bitch, and it fucking hurts, u piece of shit
and i hope one day u feel it a bit

By xpoisonedangelx

grl of darkness looking for her vampire kisses