all of these go under poetic….

(still thinking of a title for this one…)
nothing to do
nothing to say
i cry myself to sleep and every night
and cry waking up every morning
thinking of you….
feeling all alone and empty inside
even hanging with my closest friends or pouring my heart out doesn’t fill the hole that you created in my heart
how could you do this?
i see you look as you walk past me…
your eyes turn me stone cold that i get goosebumps all over
don’t lie cause i can see right trough you-
your fake smile and fake personality makes me cringe to even think of it

all alone and hopeless in the darkness that binds me
no one know what it is like
no one can see into these eyes
and read these thoughts
nor understand them
going on with life
feeling nothing but sorrow and guilt
looking at your face makes me feel like wanting to run and hide
nothing can change what i have done to you
what i make you go through
i don’t know what to do or say
all that i can do is be your friend…you are so kind to let me still be yours
i hope that you can forgive me for breaking your heart…