Poetry: Exist3nce

Open up your mind, see what hides within us
An infinite maze , no destination , nothing to reach,
Slaves of ourselves, beasts with no master
Trapped in rusty cages, weakened we cannot escape.

Our own demons possess themselves,
We’re too empty even for them,
Trying to escape from what doesn’t exist,
We stumble upon our own mistakes
And fall into our useless lives.

Open up your mind, see what feasts upon us
Creatures of all kinds, lonely, afraid.
They are not guilty for what we are,
but simple victims of what we become.

Forgive ourselves, and those simple creatures..
As we should know .. that what hides within us
Is love, pain and our evil disgrace.


By God_meat

I stand inside myself. Trying to break through. Cutting myself for freedom, i rip and bleed. Life flowing out of me, but I never scream, As no one wants to hear, Useless waste , my ugly life.