Poetry- I Live For The Knife

I never thought i would come to this,
I never thought i could be so sick,
Scraping the skin,till crimson pours through,
Let my diseases flow out,till my body feels new.

Already addicted to this new way of life,
Not ashamed to think,”i live for the knife”,
Because that’s whats there,when no-one else is,
All i need is a slice,not a hug or a kiss.

Unable to hide my scars any longer,
Forgotten how long this has went on for,
My body,once a blank canvas,now tainted,
Forever haunted with those past days of hatred.

Just want to end this life which i curse,
No other way,nothing can get worse,
As i lay on the floor,taking my last breath of air,
I am glad to end,my life of despair.

┬ęD.Miller 10/9/02