poetry of pain loneliness

i see you sitting there pretty auburn hair
such a pretty face
such a sweet smile
but you dont even know i care

dont know how much i love you
you dont even notice im there
talk to me once in awhile
say you have to go
must be with someone else
thinking i dont care
alone still i am
wanting to be with you and you alone
but itll never work
how can you not notice what we share
or do you just not care
it pains me that it is this way
i think about you every day
wanting too be closer
wanting to be more
but what do you care
soo pretty and fair
have anyone you want
if only i had a chance
im sure in me you would find your ultimate rmance
but itll never come true
why do i do this too myself over you
another cut another slice
part of my soul like rolling dice
one day ill hit it big
but still ill never win
ill die and then


By shadowedlight

momento morten vitae sequens. (remember death follows life)