Pokemon is a Sin!

According to Central NYS Post Standerd (March 27 edition), Pokemon has been banned in Saudi Arabia. Parents complained that the competetive behavior of their kids (not to mention the hundereds they spend on merchandise, the little urchins) has distracted them from their prayers and family obligations.

What has the world come to, when television replaces wholesome religion? I remember when false idols did’nt have powers and everyone wanted to be a priest with the task of trainng as many half-wits as possible so you “would the best that no one ever was!” …

By solstice

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  1. i am a fairly religious person and i dont believe pokemon is a sin or dangerous in anyway. it is for kids.let childern have their fun. at least their not out on the streets doing drugs or anything related to that. would you rather your kids be watching cartoons and trading cards or be out on the streets engaging in gang activities, doing drugs, and having premarital relationships with their girl/boyfriend?

  2. Where I used to live in Texas, our next door neighbors were the real holy roller types. I remember when my 3 year old nephew was showing the boys next door who were 5 and 7 his new Pokemon toy. The kids told him that they weren’t allowed to play with Pokemon because Pokemon doesn’t believe in Jesus. ::shakes her head::

  3. I have seen this phenomenon reach new lows, not only with the religious aspects (is it evil?) but as well as people not paying any attention to life. Everywhere people go they will see prostitutes, devil-worshippers, drug dealers, all the things that Christians cannot stand. But they focus on a single game. Another example of hypocrisy

  4. Wait.. Did you say.. POKEMON?! *Screams and runs into a wall*

    Now, seriously. Shure, I find the cartoon utterly pointless, but a sin? Hmph. This world of ours is sinking. I guess that means everything else in the world is a sin. We’re all going to hell, then! Woohoo!

    Sorry, but this is just bullshit. I mean, it’s like saying, Barney’s a sin. (OK, sorry, bad choice, but.. You get my point?) *Cocks her head and looks at everyone strangely* People like that really scare me.. And annoy me.. Pokemon.. I swear.. 0.0


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