Portrait of a Loser

Pictures are a provocative peek into the life of someone else. They are intimate portraits, sometimes baring the souls of these individuals. To just look upon those pictures, the ones of you smiling and laughing with your friends. Someone snapped that camera before you were ready and you couldn’t hide your soul from being captured.

I can look upon your eyes forever and pick out all the lies you’ve told, and the hearts you’ve sold. Some believe that the picture can capture and keep your soul. I believe only that it can bear it for the world to see. The only reason we don’t see it, is that we only blindly look upon the glossy surface. We refuse to believe in the evil that silently resides in all of us. We choose to live in a fairytale world where beneath the placid surface of our eyes lies the shadows of our pasts. Things we wish we could forget, but our conscious never relents. Things that haunt us in our sleep. Things that stop us from having sweet dreams. Things we hide from the light of day, come to surface in our eyes for those who search for secrets to see. Secrets that should sometimes never be unearthed. But are often the soul burden of our pathetic meaningless lives.

By CryingRain1

I'm always confused and I cry when I can't take it anymore. Maybe it's a bit babyish, but I don't care. Sometimes the tears flow and I just can't make them stop.