theres a cold in silence
its all ive ever felt
lying in this dusk
dry your eyes and look around

its what the will has gave us
i am all thats left
from the pain that ive been through
youre the only one who sees me
and what does that mean of you
am i real
disappearing in the dark
neverending sunlight
blocks out the pain
with the look on your face as i bare my soul
you reach out and steal
away the knife

By xsilentXscreamsx

i am a very boring person, trust me i would know im around myself all the time, but anyhoo... im 14, i hate my life, but what else is new? i get labeled as punk/gothic, mainly gothic, i hate labels because they are stupid and just another way to stereotype people, i live in Bellingham, WA (which you've probably never heard of) and if anyone cares, i am bi, and if you're homophobic you're stupid... dont get me started on that subject... i want to die... i dont care if people say they care, they dont show it, i dont care if people dont care, because in any case thats all i expect of them, someday ill make it, and ill go by as peacefully as i came, no one on here will notice, and i dont expect you to care.