Pray To Bleed

the cold nite breeze whips across my face while the tears rund down my checks now that ive got her in my grasp hehheh isnt gonna be a fast death im gonna make it last take pleasure in every slice chop the nite away just to make her feel my dissmay grabed her up in the cold nite sky took her to the frozen hells yeah the halls of my mind hehhehh
twiZtid intwinded serveral times they did they burn and freeze bring them to there knees i watch her shes scared she knows whats gonna happen she knows how this mishap declined the offer that the rest excepted now i softly tell her why shell die as i decide the fate of the rest of the world while i look her in the eye GREEN and BLACK pale skin tone i cant seem to catch my breath shes exciting me still she stays soundless so now the time has come togather you said was the way that death would come seperate but closer than ever she starts to cry the one you love is here to kill all the eveil that you have inside i slowly pick up my knife and look around the halls so many bodies of all the others we loved hanging on the walls the first cut must be made a slice here and a cut there my name was already there so i take my knife grasp it tight then just lightly slit her upper lip enough to bleed she starts to shake i told you that me being loved at all was a mistake but you couldnt listen to reason just know that you were why i wanted to die and why i wanted to try to live at the same time the blood trickles from her lip and runs down her chin one last kiss yes the kiss that ends it all the kiss of death i lean over and give her my last shred of hope that id let her out of my mind and let it all go this time i taste the blood on my tounge the sweet black cherrie taste of her lips on mine wasnt enough to give to mind now as i pick up my axe she licks the blood and me from her lip then lets out a scream my hearts starts to pound my job wont be over till shes dead on the ground i sit and laugh while she screams continuously she feels the shit thats been worrieing me my axe in my hand i wind him back nice then take a good chop at her left arm i pick up the razor then i slice her stomach open and take her to my side whispers in her ear tell her its alright she knows how i felt so now she feels no more she knows the reason that things arent they way they were anymore i slit her wrist then next her throat then i kiss her again then pull out her heart as i reach my hand inside i feel it as it pounds faster and faster then slowly stops i see a tear run down her face knowing now that her heart was never mine untill now maybe its all well and done maybe i can leave maybe she feels some hate some or maybe shell love me still maybe ill love her still couldnt ever stop wonder if i could just know you always hurt the ones you love hehheh

By ThorinTheLost

HehheH AnD YoU WaNnA KnOw WhY i KiLL PeOpLe