Prince Cambell

They said he was a just a child, a sweet faced, angelic child. Nothing was different about him, and everything would be perfect. When they looked at his white golden curls they crooned, and those daunting blue eyes made them stop and stare smiling at him. They pinched his cheeks and called him a sweet child.

Little boy with the rosy cheeks and fair hair was all they thought of him. Women can be daft sometimes, and men oblivious to the apparent. His name was Cambell, this sweet angelic child, but his name did not speak of who he truly was.

At just three the child stared wide blue eyes, as piercing as a dagger is to skin, at two turtle doves. They were beautiful white, nuzzling each other and cooing softly. He sat there for an hour, just looking at the birds, something so different about his gaze. His lips moved from time to time whispering those secret words children seem to always say to the spirits around them.

When he was seven his blond hair was shoulder length, and those shocking eyes were the first thing anyone noticed about the boy. He was intelligent and seemed to out wit the boys his age. No one really hung around him, he was mostly alone, but he seemed not to mind. Sometimes when he was sitting in a corner of the classroom, you would see him whispering words to himself. You know, those covert dreams children have, well, he was quiet, and unto himself is the only person he reviled them.

By the time the boy was fifteen one glance at a girl would make them go wild, and those icy eyes sent shivers up their backs. He would smile a small slightly mischievious grin, and turn his head the other way just to be impertantent. Cambell was just too used to being alone and having conversations with himself. The girls were drawn to his soft lips which moved constantly even without sound. ‘He must have some huge secret…’ Girls can be ignorant.

What they didn’t know, was that it wasn’t so much of a secret, but a life. Cambell was a special child. He lived in a world far different from the one we live in. In his mind he had friends, and those girls were just halusinations, and he really didn’t care about them. Cambell was a prince.


“Lilith…is that you?” A beautiful boy whispered. His smile was slight, but there. Dressed in black from head to toe Cambell sat in his desk looking out the window. Behind the glass was a short girl with soft pale red hair as long as her shoulders. Her eyes were green as emeralds, and she was standing there gazing into the classroom. A sky blue dress puffed out around mid thigh, and a pretty satin ribbon held her hair back from her face.

“Prince…” She mouthed this word and placed a slender hand on the glass. Cambell squirmed in his desk. Why wouldn’t Lilith come in? “Come with me.” She motioned for him to follow her, and then she started to run from the window. Cambell grabbed his bag and walked out of the classroom, teaching looking at him skeptically.

“Your teacher says you walked out in the middle of class again today. Why do you do that Cambell?” His mother was standing with a hand on her hip, a loose strand of hair had escaped her bun and slipped across her worried face.

“Lilith wanted me to come with her. It was a lovely day, we went walking together in the woods. Did you know that the birds will be heading South soon because winter is coming? You can see them in the sky already with their flocks.” He smiled and kissed his mother on the cheek.

“Always you say some friend or another beckons you to come! I have met none of these people! Why do you lie to me Cambell?” He sighed and turned away from his mother. She will never understand, none of them will.

“Prince Cambell, wake up. It is me Daniel.” When he opened his eyes, there he was, black haired and smiling a big Joker grin. Cambell rubbed his eyes. “Don’t you remember me?”

“Sure, you’re the Jester right?” A jester was a kind of person, who in the presence of a king, was there only to make the king laugh.

“Right-e-o my prince.” Cambell smiled. Daniel was very amusing. Right at that moment he was crouched at the edge of his bed, bare chested with eye liner on. There was a beautiful black snake tattoo on his shoulder blade with sharp red eyes. Daniel was a very good Jester. He made Cambell laugh all the times, sometimes getting him in trouble. It just happened that that night, he laughed so hard he fell out of bed.

His mother got angry again. She yelled at him this time, and three a glass of water at him. He had woken her up last night with his crazy laughter. She said it scared her and to never do it again.

Daniel showed up later that day during the time when Cambell was studying.

“My prince…why are you so glum?” He asked with his childish smile. Cambell ignored him, and continued to work on his chemistry. “Prince Cambell, I am here to make you happy!” He started to do a hand stand on the floor when Cambell whispered.
“Go away! Leave me alone.” It was then that Daniel fell to the floor.
“But my prince I tho-…don’t you want me to make you smile?”
“Out Daniel! Just go!” And that was that, Daniel forced his friend out and Daniel was gone.

In the night sometimes, while Cambell slept, Daniel would come and sit on the floor next to his bed making funny faces of him. Sometimes Cambell dreamed of Daniel, and he would smile and laugh in his dreams, but he would wake up crying. He missed his friend very much.

“Hello my prince…” She smiled softly. Lilith sat next to him by the swings. She was always dressed in that same blue out fit.

“Hi Lilith.” He said softly, keeping his gaze to the grass.
“Daniel misses you Prince Cambell. He wishes you weren’t angry with him.” She said quietly taking note of his solomneness. “He comes and sits by you when you sleep, he misses you prince…” Cambell let two tears fall and then he got up.

“Lilith, come meet my mother with me.” She smiled and followed him down the street to his house. The boots he always wore made loud clonking noises as he walked into the house. Lilith giggled when the floor shook, and he smiled at her. “Mom! Mom!”

“Hey baby doll, where have you been?” She asked him kindly embracing him.
“Out with Lilith.” His mother gave him a stern look of disapproval.
“Remember what I said about not introducing me to friends…I hate when you lie…”
“But mom! She is right here in the kitchen.” He was astonished she hadn’t noticed. Lilith was standing right next to him, staring calmly at his mother. His mother looked around her as if he was the only one in the kitchen.
“Stop teasing me! It isn’t funny Cambell.” She smiled at him…she really didn’t see Lilith.
“Mom, stop being silly, she is right here next to me.” He said brushing Lilith forward. Lilith flinched when his mother looked at her quizzically, and then around the kitchen again.
“Cambell…I don’t see any girl.”

Soon Cambell refused to see Lilith too. She hated it. It wasn’t her fault his mother couldn’t see her. Some people were just that way. She would sometimes go stand at the window during class, but he would ignore her. Lilith would stand there all class, hoping desperately that he would just glance at her.

She did this for a few weeks, but her visits became less frequent. Soon Lilith almost completely gave up. Only once a month she came to see him, and usually he wouldn’t look at her. Sometimes he did, and she hoped beyond desperate hope he would smile at her. He never did though.

One day a girl came up to Cambell. It had been nearly months since he had seen some of his friend. It was odd talking to someone again. She was tall with long pale legs, and big brown eyes. Her eyes made him stop just to stare at her. They had long black lashes, and her hair was short almost a boys cut. He learned her name was Zebrina.

Zabrina wore a different color fishnets on her legs every day, and loved to show them to Cambell. He loved her fishnets. He thought she was a very interesting person. Zabrina loved to dance, and to cook.

He took her home once and finally introduced her to his mother. She was delighted and gave the girl a fresh batch of brownies. Zabrina gobbled them up, and shared stories with his mother. His mother was fasinated with her fishnets, and seemed to like Zabrina a lot. This was good.

It was a cool morning when she came up to him and spoke an interesting question. “So why don’t you speak to her?” He looked at her a smiled a good natured smile.
“Who?” He asked her.
“You know, Lilith.” His jaw dropped open, and he stared at her. “What?”
“I thought I was the only one who saw her…”
“Prince Cambell…you silly boy.” Zabrina smiled.

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.


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