Prince of her Darkness

She was out for a cruise in her Grand National, checking out the sights and making sure the engine was puring nicely. Today was the first day she had her shiney black car out since the end of last summer. Today was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and there was no wind, what more could a girl ask for?

She had the windows down, her dark sunglasses on, and the tunes cranked. Her shoulder length almost platnum blonde hair waved in the wind. It felt good on her neck, too good. The wind felt like small kisses up and down her neck. It was making her feel a little warm and fuzzy, like she was drugged.
Its been a long time since she felt that kind of drug, the drug of a male. She could feel her small little nipples begin to harden under her t-shirt.

“Damn spring fever!” she said aloud as she pulled up to a red light.

In the next lane one vehicle ahead of her was the most awsome and mysterious truck she had ever seen. It was solid black, there was no other color, no chrome, no nothing, just solid high gloss black. The only things that weren’t high gloss where the decals on the tinted windows. They were flat black designs that you wouldn’t even notice unless you were really paying attention. She couldnt place what the mysterious symbols where either.

“I wonder who’s driving that nice little peice of machinery?” she said outloud while thinking to herself that she should really stop talking to herself. At that she kind of laughed at herself.

The light turned green and she changed lanes to get in behind the mysterious truck. Who ever was driving must have noticed she pulled behind because they had decided to pick up speed a little. She got the hint that maybe there should be a little race. They headed for the nearest freeway and as luck would have it there was a red light waiting to start of thier race. The driver of the truck reved the engine a little and she looked to see if she could see the driver but the window tint was to dark, all she could see was a tall slender frame.

The light turned green and the race began. They raced the whole way down the freeway and on to the highway, reaching speeds of 140mph she knew she could go faster but for some reason just decided not to. They stayed nose to nose slowly decreasing speed. The race was invigorating, as well as the fact that she was driving along side a stranger that had so easily fallen into place beside her. Fallen into place beside her in life. She new that this man was going to be her prince.

She let her car move in behind the truck and she followed him for an hour and some till he turned off the highway onto a dirt road. She knew right away where they were going. To a place she had never wanted to return to. It was the achorage her family and her had lived on long ago. The memories there were something she did not want to remember. They pulled into the yard. Both vehicles stayed idaling, neither one of them got out. She looked around the yard and noticed that no one had lived there since they had left. The place looked exactly the same minus the fact that it had aged; just like we had.

She shut off her car and walked around the achorage, remembering all that she had tried so hard to forget. It didnt hurt as bad as she expected it to. Finally she turned to face the truck. The man inside got out and he was amazing. He was tall, thin, dark wavey hair, and he had the most amazing eyes she had ever seen.

“Why did you bring me here?” she demanded

He walked towards her not saying a word just takingher in as she did he. He stopped infront of her raised his hand to the side of her kneck and was gentlely rubbinghis thumb against her cheek.

“Fear not my lady,for I know your darknesses and I am here to help bring you release. I can not help you unless you face them.”

She turned toward the house and they began to walk. The sun was starting to set, but she knew there were candles inside the house.

“You are my prince arent you? The one I have dreamed of? The one whos face haunted my dreams because I could not see it.”

His hand placed on her backgiving her a nudge was the only answer he provided.

Once they entered the house she light herself a candle and went about facing her darkness. When she finished what she had to do she returned to the living room where she knew her prince awaited her. She collapsed into his arms and he slowly lowered her to the floor. He held her tightly while wiping away her tears. Night fell.

She looked deep into his eyes and he began to kiss her kneck. They were the soft kisses she was getting in her car earlier. She turned for him to kiss her lips, and he did. First slowly and then more passionatly. She could feel herself getting warm and fuzzy, she could feel that drug she had been missing. He pulled her closer to him as he placed one hand on her breast. He could feel her hardened nipple under his fingers. Slowly he swirled his finger around her buddened nipple while tasting her lips and her neck. She pulled of her t-shirt exposing the black lace bra that was holding her breasts into place. He let his eyes linger only long enough to remember how she looked in the candle light. Together they finished undressing. She could see the size and the hardness of his manhood and she could not wait to wrap her hand around it, to feel his heat, to feel it throb.

He laid her on her back and began licking from her kneck all the way to her breasts. Firt one then the other. She began to moan, and thrust herself towards him. He was not ready to give of himself yet so he began to feast. Slowly licking up and down her womanhood and in and out his tongue flicked. She grabbed his member and began to stroke it, first slowly then tightly and vigorously. They could not bare to not be together any longer, for it had already been a life time.

Slowly he spread her legs and felt her warmth and her wetness with his fingers, a smile came across his face. She smile back. He lowered himself into her, they became one. Slowly sliding himself in and out of her, thier bodys rocked together. Very slowly to start and then faster and harder, thier moans echoing through out the house. Still faster and still harder they screamed as the both reached extasy.

They collapsed in each others arms while both saying I love you.

“I am the prince of your darkness, I will protect you and make you happy always. I am your light.”

By Noslos_Insanity

If it''s insane, a little crazy, and a bit off the wall, I am so game. The music has to be heavy, and good enough to dance to. My mind is very thirsty, have anything to drink?