Princess(do you want my life)

O.k. so i don’t really know what to write because i have never been very good at articles.I am 14 years old and i don’t really know where i am heading in life.I have a wonderful boyfriend,great friends and yet i couldn’t be any more depressed.

Many times i have tried to get my opinion out there but it never seems to matter.I am probably the last person my friends would want to hang out with.My brother is like a leader to them all.I know that i am just babbling on but i honestly have been holding in my feelings for 10 years.I have to let it out some how.I GUESS I’M JUST GOING TO SAY WHAT I FEEL RIGHT NOW.I hate the way my friends follow my brothers every move,the way everyone looks down on me.The way my parents expect me to do everything right.I’m thought of as the good one the one that always does everything right, and i know many teens would love to be thought of in this way ,but really it’s more like a curse.The way everyone looks down on you when you do the tiniest thing wrong is just f****d up.When you feel like killing yourself and your brother thinks your faking it and starts cussing you out,kinda gets on your nerves.But i’m the princess,the beautiful one,the good one.I never complain,not even if i’m drowning in my own sea of depression.So tell me would you want the life of a princess,and all the pressures that come with it.Because ya know what?Iwould be glad to trade with you.


  1. Man.
    Well. You are not alone in the traps that life holds for us. I have faced alienation from pretty much everybody for being different most of my life. I was once the dark brooding kid and now I am the avid pagan. Mostly spend my time spiritually. So few people understand even the littlest things about me that it leads to frustration and unneccessary arguments. Sucks really. Oh, well. I at least have one person who truly understands me and that is more than I had two years ago.

  2. I feel your pain. I mean, most of my “friends” would rather not be with me either–there’s just no one else there. However, if you can find more people like you, who have the same problems in their lives, that would help you a lot. In any case, high school can be really difficult, I can say that. Whoever said it was the “best years of your life” obviously had a abnormal high school life. Hang in there.

  3. hey dont give up hope one day you will be better than anything they could ask you to be because your using wrighting to woice your oppinion and one day someone will read something you rote and say wow i wanna meat this person, so dont give up

  4. Holy Crap do I know What your going through!
    Theres this girl I like and I gave her this letter from this person she knows, but it turns out she hates him. so now she hates me and I feel like shit.

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