Psychologically Dead

What happens to you after your mind dies from years of emotional abuse? You become emotionally morbid and nothing seems to matter anymore.

This has become my world. I no longer wine and cry when bad things happen. I’ve begun to realize that nothing matters. What happens to the person next to me means nothing. They are not me. I do not care for their pain or their problems. Yet I guess you get what you give for no one seems to care about my own. Yet it seems that my only release would be my writings. Others just like me sympathize through their words and their own feelings. Yet, they do not admit it. I suppose that somewhere down deep inside I care just as much as they do. Yet from all the emotions gone I have nothing left but a vacant and dark space within my mind body and soul. How does one get back into the light after they have passed over into darkness? Or does one really want to or need to go back. I have asked myself this question many times yet I still can find no answer. Why would a sane person want to face their problems if they can just cast them all away by ignoring emotion? Does that make it easier? Or does that make you psychologically dead? An undead creature. A corpse walking around with a doll smile and blinking eyes. Passing like a shadow through the rest of the world. Trying not to be noticed, but deep down wishing for attention. Is being psychologically dead easier than being completely dead? Is it an easier way out than death? But then, why would anyone want this half-life. This being of fakeness yet realness. That has become me. The wraith so accustomed to the world that everyone thinks I’m normal. They are wrong….

By The Lovely Death

I'm just that guy that everyone knows but no on knows his name.