PUPPETMASTER: Axis Termination

First off, go to this website. Now. Trust me. Your cursor will appear as Tunneler’s head! It’s awesome!

Okay, remember when it was announced that they were planning to reboot the Puppetmaster series, I was concerned as to what would happen to the OLD series, the one handled by Charles Band, as they were smack in the midst of a trilogy and the most recent entry, PUPPETMASTER: AXIS RISING, ended on a cliffhanger. Would we never get that final installment? Would we be left forever wondering how the storyline would have ended? That wouldn’t be kosher, dude. Not at all. Turns out my fears were unnecessary. The final installment of the series and the trilogy, to be titled PUPPETMASTER: AXIS TERMINATION, is scheduled to be released this year. THEN we get the first film in the newly rebooted series, which, honestly, is sounding less and less like a reboot and more like a standard sequel all the time. Charles Band will produce the film, so he’ll still have his fingerprints all over it, and none of the classic canon is going to get scuttled, or isn’t supposed to. The film will also feature classic characters Blade, Pinhead, Tunneler, and Torch, along with a couple of new ones. (Wait, where is Jester?!) The puppets will have SLIGHTLY altered appearances, it would seem—which will conveniently allow for the creation and marketing of all new action figures. #sigh #takemymoney

By TheCheezman

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