Pure Evil

I cannot stay in this house any more. Seeing your picture sends a shiver down my spine, smelling your scent that won’t leave… I can’t take it.
I take a walk out and breath in some cool night air. I am trying to clear my head, but all I can think of is the bloody death of you.

Ok, so i’m imagining your death, but it won’t leave. I have visions of turning the next corner and seeing you hung with an arrow through your eyes. There is a not on the arrow. I cannot make out what it says, but it is definately my hand-writing…
I feel so tense. Each time I hear a remotely loud noise I jump out of my skin. My whole body is shaking, vibrating.
I look up at the tall buildings leaning overhead. I can picture your face in the window. You’re laughing. You don’t look happy, but you’re laughing. I turn my head sharply away, of course that was my imagination. You don’t even live near here.
God damnit, look what you’ve done to me. You and your petty schemes. Your plots to ruin my life. I think of the lies you told me, how much I meant to you. You’re like every other, yet so much worse. You are pure evil.
I turn down a dark alleyway, lit only by two faded lanterns. Paranoia makes me turn to check nobody follows, and I continue walking aimlessly into the city.
As I walk around the corner in the ally, I see something. It’s a body. I can’t make it out from where I stand, so I move closer. It is like my nightmare, my visions becomming real. There you are, hanging. You have an arrow through your head, with a note. I shake my head, “Damn visions. See what my hate for you has leaded to??” And as I turn back round to carry on, there you are. You’re still hanging on the wall. You still have an arrow through your eye, and it still has a note. I try to scream, but nothing comes out. I try to turn and run, but my feet are stuck to the ground. So instead, I take the note and try to make it out. I cannot work out the hand-writing, but it says “Just A Little Favour…”

By BrokenDreams

Im.. me... Theres not much to say really...