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Can someone answer this for me? Whats the point of someone cutting there self? i mean why it hurts like hell for me

but i guess maybe alot of people get there kicks that way they like pain or something but still i dont get it the last thing i wanna do is grab a razor or knife or somehting and just start hacking away at my arm. with all the scars i have people probably already think i do that! but i cant anyways im one of those people that when i start bleeding i dont stop. . . but do you people who cut yourself ever wonder what would happen if you took it to far? what if you just cut to deap or at the wrong place or something and you end up dead? or maybe thats what you want?!?!?! hmmmm just maybe but i dont know. but i guess im not supposed to understand it!

By clipped_wings

i am a 17 year old female duh i like just about anything i like all types of music i dont know where i am going in life and i dont really care i have almost died a few times to many but oh well im still here and thats all that matters i guess most people get on my nerves and really piss me off but im usually a really cool person to know well thats what i have been told well if ya want to know more then e-mail me or something see ya round: ~Tara!~


  1. …i dont know why others do it…maybe they enjoy the pain…i do sometimes…but i did it when i felt like i wanted to die…i wanted to end my fucking life and just be dead. i didnt want to breath or live or feel or exist anymore. i wanted to die.

  2. and another thing…we dont just “hack away” at our arms… dont put it like that. that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.

  3. Hacking away is more of an exaggeration then you know. I pick where the razor will open my deep gaping wounds very carefully. I am more careful about where and how I cut than how much heroin I shoot. Maybe it’s just cuz I’m high right now or maybe because I cut myself so much but I agree Black December. I love the pain because it lets my inner pain out. It’s like the blood is the pain flowing out. I cut about a quarter inch to a half inch deep every time or else I don’t feel enough pain or bleed for long enough. I cut everyday. Lexus e-mail me again I want to talk to you.
    Always Ill,

  4. lexus just because you dont fucking understand something doesnt mean its wrong or that it makes no sense at all. it makes sense to the people who are not as ignorant as you and to the people who have experienced the pain.
    dont become all snobby with me now and
    dont say anything that you dont know shit about. thats being ignorant.

  5. no dumb fuck its not!
    but your right it doesnt make sense to me at and i went through part of it i used to attempt to cut my self all the time and before i realy did i stopped and thought how point less and stupid it was so excuse me for having my own opinion i didnt know it was illegal or wrong for that matter

  6. dont even give me that shit
    i understand that it is your opinion but what i wrote happens to be MY opinion
    and i never said it was illegal you “dumb fuck”

  7. geez dont get so fuckin upset now
    like you said
    its just MY opinion

  8. I’ve never actually cut myself, but I’ve made other marks and bruises. The reason why we cause physical pain to ourselves is because the pain on the inside, in our heads, is that bad. When it gets that bad, physical pain is easier to deal with that emotional/mental pain. I don’t know whether it lets the pain inside out, or is just distracting, but it works. However, if you just don’t feel that bad, it’s not worth it and there is no point to it.

    Also, ever heard the joke about the guy who hit his head with a hammer because it felt so good when he stopped? I’m not quite sure how it relates, but it just occurred to me. Maybe some people need the contrast of pain in order to feel any pleasure at all.

    Things like this apply differently to different people. Trying to cut yourself because you’re upset and angry and you think it’s the “thing” to do is stupid.

    Also, (now I get religious), Buddhism teaches that pain and pleasure are the same thing and that pain does not cause suffering, but instead a desire for pleasure does. Maybe a desire for pain is a step away from a desiring for pleasure and is a step closer to whatever the hell the Buddhist ideal is. Maybe if you learn to find beauty and joy in suffering, you can deal other harsh realities in life easier.

  9. im not upset i dont care really. . . i was just wondering what people thought on the hole thing and why they did it. . . i guess im not supposed to understand the reason for people and why they did it

  10. I don’t cut. I’ve done it a few times, but never enough for anyone to question.
    It’s a release. The explaination is that simple. It’s an escape from all the cruel things that people have to put up with in their horrid lives. It’s a diversion from the internal pain that cutters are suffering through. Watching your blood trickle off your arms or legs gives you that sense that you are alive and it’s not a dream. the deeper you go the more intense that feeling gets. You bleed and just watch it.. it’s calming to most. It’s a way of knowing that even though they’re fucked up, there is still some way to get away from it all. Some do it because they like the pain. Others, to get away from their pain. And some do it to die slowly.. but sometimes that doesn’t happen and they live with the scars.

    You should understand why people do these things. It gives you a better perspective on others and shows that not everything is as silly or ridiculous as it may seem.

    Lexus, if you had attempted to cut yourself then you would know the reason why others do it. You wouldn’t be posting here about it and making it seem like it’s something to be ashamed of.

    *An intoxication of the best kind..*

  11. i would never do it because i would be ashamed of my self but thats how i was brought up. “you dont do things like that what will people around you say?” thats what my parents told me when i asked i really didnt mean any ignorace by it

  12. countless people have asked me the same thing you asked in your post lexus..and it was getting on my last nerve because so many people were being ignorant and stupid. i’m sorry…i didnt mean any offense.

  13. It may sound stupid but I cut myself to relive stress. In some fucked up way it helps me to cope with my shitty life.

  14. People Cutt themselves for different Reasons.
    I myself Cutt Myself To take away the Pain I feel inside.

  15. I agree with most on this topic when they say its a diversion or a sort of slef realization by cutting. i used to do it on a daily basis…the pain took my mind off my shitty life,…it was an equalizer to all that i felt inside….because sometime i couldnt deal with everything inside,….so i needed something outside of myself to “wake” me up. In a way though….the scars….when i would look at them a day or two later, touch them, it would in a way be a reminder….to become stronger…that no matter how much everything tries to fuck me over…ill heal and come back….you only die if you lay down and let them cover your grave. sometimes , at work , etc, id look at my scars, and when i had to deal with the assholes, those scars reminded me of everything…gave me the willpower to throw it back in their faces, remark for remark, backstab for backstab…..its a fucked up game , but in the end it boils down to self preservation.
    Ill stop rambling now,….just thought id add my 2 cents in

  16. Just a way of getting rid of the quiet pain inside. You can’t kill yourself by sliting your wrist… only was is to stab yourself, shoot yourself, and hang yourself.

  17. i think drowning yourself would be the hardest way to die i mean unless you absolutely want to die theres no way your body/mind would let you well i guess it could but i think it would be very difficult for me anyways

  18. i agree but you can still drown yourself…you can like go underwater and keep breathing until your lungs fill with water and you cant breath and you drown…i mean like you said unless you really WANT to die…otherwise it would be hard

  19. i think a plane crash is probably the most painless way to die becuase it hits the ground and is demolished really fast…although it may hurt for that short period of time.

  20. Great idea. Lets go spreading ideas on how to commit suicide.

    FYI, suffocation is the only way to die and not feel pain. You just pass out and then your brain begins to die because of the lack of oxygen.

    I don’t suggest any of you go and try any of this.

  21. and once again how can you suffocate yourself? i dont know i still think you can’t do stuff like that yourself i dont see how its possible you brian or body whatever will not let you do something like that unless your nevermind i dont know how to explain what im tryin to say

  22. cutting is part of a “disorder” called self injurious behavior. it’s not the only part though, people pull out their hair, personally inflict bruises, and others have someone strangle them. It could also be part of sadomasochistic behavior. the desire to feel pain for arousal. some people delight in hurting others and some delight in pain. it could also be because physical pain is easier to deal with than psychological problems that some people can’t handle, and yet others do it for attention (although i can only think of one person i know who cuts just so she has something to say). there are a variety of reasons. everyone has their own reason for doing it. Ever get so stressed that you hit your head with your fists? that’s what it is a relief.

  23. When you cut yourself, you dont think of the pain.
    I personally think of what images I can slice into my skin

  24. Lexus. I’d explain to you how you could suffocate yourself, but I fear that you might attempt to do these to test it.
    Try not to be so narrow-minded and you’ll see all the answers to your questions. No need to go searching because it’s always right in front of you.

  25. you two do realize that no one’s posted on this for like 2 months right?

  26. ok so not understanding somehting is now being narrow minded. . . . i have read eveyones reasaon and still dont see why i dont thik it helps i dont cut but i use to sometimes still do burn myself but i stopped because i realized all it was doing was leaving marks on me so whatever like black said this is done and over with but thanks anyways

  27. I just checked my mail and if still discussing a topic is being wrong then so be it. I’m as wrong as they come.

    I don’t believe you at all. If you have cut yourself then you wouldn’t be asking WHY OTHERS CUT. You would know the reason and if you don’t then it means that you’ve only done it for something to talk about.

  28. O.o I agree with Intoxication. Either you’ve never cut yourself and you just want to “be part of this crowd” or you’ve cut yourself for something to talk about. As Intoxication said, you wouldn’t ask why other people cut themselves. You would know because you’ve supposedly done it before.

  29. listen you freakin retards i already told you i didnt why dont you actually read the post/comment before you jump all over someone yeah thanks bye and why would i want to be part of your so called “crowd” im happy with what i am and who i am so i think we can let this go i got my answers along time ago with out your help

  30. i’m not taking sides here, but people cut for many different reasons. lexus had his/her reason. maybe he/she was curious as to why other’s did it.

    just a thought…

  31. Oooo. Name calling. Very mature.

    Lexus. I re-read your post AGAIN and I found out why I had thought you cut. And actually… it wasn’t in your post. It was a comment. “i dont cut but i use to sometimes” …… See that? You said that. And then you said…. “listen you freakin retards i already told you i didnt” … Either you’re a liar or you are unaware of what you say or don’t. Pay attention to what YOU say before you jump all over someone. Yeah. Thanks.

    I’m not sorry that I’m continuing with commenting on this. If you don’t want to read what I have to say… I can’t force you. Just ignore me. Did you ever think that maybe someone else is reading this? Stop being self centered, child.


    And thank you December ;]

  32. yeah see i know what i said . . . . i beleive it was ” i used to sometimes still kinda do BURN myself” it i guess didnt come out the it was suppose to but if you reread it then you should have got it. but anyways as for the name calling oh well crap happens get a shovel

  33. dude lexus wtf i was part of this conversation when it started. so that little “without you people” doesnt work here. i was part of the debate when it started. scroll up dude. i do agree with mourning, but i agree more with intoxication. i’m not going to respond to this anymore, it seems pointless.

  34. Shovel?

    Okay. Whatever you say. Don’t expect a response from me anymore. I’m tired of dealing with cretins.

  35. I can tell you why I did it. I did it becuase it felt good and I think it looks pretty. Sorry, but it’s the way I am. Just like when I’m eating, and I’m eating meat. I love to think something had to die for my benefit.

  36. i think that’s funnay. i do it cuz i like blood. sorry to all who said that they’re doing it for some deep reason like letting the pain out or something, but dude, i do it because i like blood and the fact that it leaves a scar. i like scars. makes me feel special. and this post is 2934823 days old. perhaps people need to stop responding to it. so argh just in case i said some deep shit like that before i lied. and i’m sorry but i dun care.

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