RaGgEd sKIn

My arms are in pain,
My legs are in pain,
My soul is in pain,
You wonder and ask,
How can I do this,

Drag a blade across my skin,
Waiting for the blood to appear,
And when it does,
Savour every drop,
That my weak body has to give.

Only one answer is clear,
The cause of all this,
Is you my friend.

You have begun to repulse me,
With all your wicked ways,
You wake up determined,
Each day to ruin another life.

I never thought,
You would ever pick me,
But you have,
When I least expated it,
When I least needed it.

You’ve chosen my being,
For the slaughter now,
You know I am vulnerable,
In this period of time,
That’s why I’ve been chosen,
I am but a mere target,
An easy one at that.

I told you all the ways,
People could hurt me,
Without knowing you only listened,
For ideas of how to crush me,
When you had enough of me.

So now the pain begins,
Inside and out,
The pain outside,
Is to be sure,
I’m not dreaming,
The pain inside is caused,
By and old friend,
One who cared.

My skin is but a canvas,
On which my work begins,
I show how much you meant,
On my flesh instead of words,
You want no part of my mutilation,
I don’t blame you,
Neither do I.

But still, I’m doing something,
That keeps me going,
Keeps me occupied,
Stops me thinking of you.

I think it went too far,
Today my skin aches,
And my blade rusts.

And yet, it seems,
No-one cares anymore,
I’ve lost all whoever did,
Sure I have close friends,
But they don’t truly,
Pay attention to my pain.

My arms are in pain,
My legs are in pain,
My soul is in pain,
All because of you,
You damned ANOMALY!

By Darouche

I was a mistake, my life has no moral, my dad writes poetry about 5 years old wanking (may post his stuff depends). My greatest friends are Dave, Rach (evilsecret) and Sarah. I like trees and all things sharp. Oh and I am a human cutting board as someone once said to me....