ramblings of ravengael

INTRO: this is written as is meant to be posted. all caps are left out on author’s whim. i.e. there are no mistakes.

how can one find the strength to go on in a world which provides no hope for the future existence of pure innocence and truth? in what time and age will we finally look towards what will help us become what we so desire?

when will the human race realize that all is fallible and nothing human or man made can be pure? all must look within themselves to find the inner strength. all must share in fear and anger. minds and souls be purified of hatred and ill will. one has become one with another in a bond of everlasting unity. none shall be shattered or broken; all are golden rods, only melted by hatred of the other. in this day in this age minds are weak with worry. there is always doubt and fear on every mind. we shall all die whether we die today or tomorrow is of no consequence. why increase defenses? why not increase our level of understanding of ourselves and each other. our intellectual self is a part of the everlasting circle of recurring dreams and love affairs. love entwines those who dare to dream of companions beyond the norm. companions from another time another place coming together with each other in a beautiful charming embrace. in a place where sun doesn’t shine and yet the earth is full of botanical cities. crawling about the surface, conquering the ever evading crumbling lands and hills. the mountains glowing purple and green with smatterings of blue and splashes of silver. striped with ebony black. rolling along the rounded rocks the icy water pours over the ever rolling beds. beds of ice beds of fire. fire burning with all fury. and fury the only emotion felt. felt only by those who understand the tranquil peace of ignorance. one cannot feel fury if ignorance is absent. anger is void of knowledge. here i end my orfane thoughts and orfane knowledge of my own world. peace and blessings

By ravengael

i am just another soul trying to find her way in this world and life and the next life. i am only attempting to find myself and my own source of power and strength.