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ok how do you guys feel about this war? i hate it. ive been drawing peace signs all over my face and stuff. i would think theres always a better way to solve problems than killing each other. completely ridiculous and unneccessary. very scarry too i almost signed up for the army! it was me and a few of my friends but im not 18 and my parents didnt sign anything so im glad i dont have to go.

i wish there were protests around here id join em. my dad said hed dis-own me if i did. ick. he also said hed dis-own me if i dated a black person so hes kinda a predjudice loozah. newayz-im sendin a letter to a guy i used to like in nc adn i only ever talked to him like once. my friend got the addresss for me. im sendin a pic of my hand with a ghost cookie in it also. lol. hopefully he wont be scarred. im nervous if he’ll write back though. thank you every1 who wished me luck at acting! my family thinks theres no way i could ever be famous but that just inspires me to prove them wrong. well im out thanks for listening 😉

By tornfrippie

hi. my name is heather and i don't know what to write here. i hate living in wv, b/c most people are boring rednecks who are extremely predjudice and judgemental. i awnt to be an actress and try to break as many stereotypes as possible. people at my school think im a witch b/c i sometimes wear black lipstick. vaguely amusing.


  1. thats shit eh
    my mother is a fucking racist too
    and i cant take it anymore
    she just fucks with my life all the time i wish shed leave me the fuck alone.
    war sucks.
    yet another unfortunate effect of stupid closed minded people who cant accept others differences and move on.
    im so tired of fighting its a constant war in my household between me and everyone else.
    if i dont kill something soon itll probably be myself.
    dont let anyone tell you what u can and can not do…
    decide for yourself…
    im sorry
    just needed to vent tooo i guess an my posts never get posted lol soo…
    i understand what u mean…
    good luck

  2. honey you know there comes a time when you gotta be prepared for war. I mean, world peace – nice idea, never gonna happen.
    Besides, if the threat of war keeps the assholes of the world from doing stupid shit then that’s all of the good.

    unkept, love you to death, don’t kill yourself 🙂 please

  3. War is un-avoidable…..the States will go to war…and then the draft will probably come into affect again..Then several of us will go…And the UN will kick the U.S. out and…
    Voila, all troops in other countries who are acting on behalf of the UN as “Police Officers” are going to be recalled….No more “Police Officers” = TOTAL CHAOS!!!!
    We can only hope it does not get TOO CHAOTIC.
    Some of us enjoy ORDER allot BETTER


    So long freinds, Romans, countrymen….

    “ete tu, Brutay?” or “You too, Brutus?”

    You can call me Mr. Ash.

  4. Blacklight then should BE: backlight? as in your ass is open.Sorta like a Vacancy sign at hotels 😀

  5. lol. you’re funny, i like you.
    My ass is private property though. I know that’s disappointing for you but try n live with it. Call me what you like anyway, god knows everyone else does.

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