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i hate being 17. i feel confined. but when i turn 18 all ill have to look forward to is 21 then ill start getting old. lol. newayz…. ive been really pissed lately b/c my mom doesnt let me hang out with one of my friends a lot b/c she dont like him.

i feel bad for him b/c everyone misjudges him. he is gothic and skaterish but he’s not a bad person. hes actually really sweet. hes gotten into some really bad fights wiht his stepdad(his real dads in pris). but once he wanted to make this jackass movie and me and my friends filmed him and he did stupid stuff but it was funny. when his dad saw it he sent him to a crazy house place for 2 weeks! i felt responsible and really bad. but now his parents dont trust him at all, him and his sister fight (like all siblings do) and everytime she cries they report him to his doctor and if he doesnt get ‘better’ then he has to go to a bigger crazy house for 7 months! its like they want him to go there not truly worried. it just makes me mad. im contemplating starting to tan! ive avoided sunlight for over a year now, but i think i might look better with a tan. i dont want to b/c i like pale people and most girls are obsessed with tanning and i dont wanna be typical. but i been feelin kinda ugly lately and i used to be much prettier when i had a tan and long hair. i havent found that many guys who like the way i look now that i look gothic and punkish. but i do live in west virginia! maybe in other states there are more people like me. i absolutely love the way gothic and freaky guys look, but ive never known if they want girls to look like that too. newayz dont lecture me about being shallow(like omg ill be so pretty with a tan), im not i just write thoughts down and sometimes,ok all the time, i think weird stuff.

By tornfrippie

hi. my name is heather and i don't know what to write here. i hate living in wv, b/c most people are boring rednecks who are extremely predjudice and judgemental. i awnt to be an actress and try to break as many stereotypes as possible. people at my school think im a witch b/c i sometimes wear black lipstick. vaguely amusing.