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hey. i feel like rambling about random stuff. is any one else a vegetarian(vegan)? i kinda remind myself of a hippie. i think it is cruel and unusual to kill an animal and very sad to eat it. ya know cows are kept to milk and when they run out they kill it.

what a meaningful life. what if women were here to have babies and then when you hit menapause your dead. the whole situation with the way the majority of people eat is quite disturbing. by the way if anyone previously read my last entry please forget it, i was pathetically sad and im completely over him and ready to find someone good for me. anyways i was watching a gothic sex thing on mtv the otha day and it all looked intriguing but i think id be too afraid to do any of it! that really saddens me because i want to, ive just never done anything like that before and im usually a really quiteish shy person, but possibly under the right circumstanses i would loose my inhibitions. they probably didnt even show anything that bad on mtv, so where can i learn about other weird sexual stuff? lol i could just read some of the entry’s on here! well im out

By tornfrippie

hi. my name is heather and i don't know what to write here. i hate living in wv, b/c most people are boring rednecks who are extremely predjudice and judgemental. i awnt to be an actress and try to break as many stereotypes as possible. people at my school think im a witch b/c i sometimes wear black lipstick. vaguely amusing.

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  1. internet. believe me. you can learn just about anything from the internet. don’t know any master sites, but search around. you’ll find something sooner or later (more often sooner.)

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