Welcome to my stormy skies
behind the clouds are only lies.
Take a long look in my eyes,
can you see what I disguise?

I am searching,
never finding.
Can you take my endless rating?
Time is now quickly passing,
and everyone sits, evilly laughing.
Until they can take no more
and fall down gasping.
I hope the smiling makes your face sore.
Your face, so beautiful,
one day off your pedestal you will fall.
You will learn what its like to bleed on the inside,
it is a gift, don’t you see?
You will call, my ears are ringing,
but I can’t hear you cuz I am singing.
My cheeks burn from tears I cry,
I hope with every one that falls, you die.
Oh, these words, do they sting?
Ah, but what satisfaction do they bring.
I hope what I say here will ever last,
even when the writing of these words fade into the past.