He woke up lying next to her,
Wondering how the night had gone.
They decided to endure,
In what they should have never done.

He kissed her neck,
And down her chest.
Took a lick and down the rest.
Took a squeeze,
And a hug,
Feelings at ease,
Most of love.
But wheh he wanted to inject,
She didn’t want to.
His-already erect,
Why didn’t she want to?
He took a stab,
And took a jab,
And made it hurt,
Like he was mad.
She moaned,
And aroused a shout.
He groaned,
But she wanted him out.
He looked into her eyes,
And realized her pain.
Maybe he should of taken a disguise,
So she wouldn’t recognize him again.
He disengaged,
Took a while,
He was enraged,
But knew he’d go to trial.

By BuLiMiC

Hello, my name is LB.