Rape (just a lesson)

ohh shes so hott
i just wanna fuck her on the spot
i just wanna look up her skirty
i dont think thats dirty

see her naked with her showing pussy
i want “in” on that tushy
just spread her legs
fertilize her eggs

ohh itll be so much fun
ill stop when im done
this is gonna be so great
you can definately see her fate

theres not much time
but thats why a crimes a crime
i like her hair
i wonder if its the same down there

shell give me such a tude
but i wont hold back cause shes nude
if you think this is sick
youll see what she did to my dick

at first it felt so good
just how it should
to feel her
im such a sucker

shell be all white
but she wont be tight
if you wanna know something
ill tell you cause its tempting

this story was told to me by my brother
but someone heard and he was kill ed by her father
it was a shot
right on the spot

poor poor jimmy
he was so so sorry
but then as he plead
he was shot to bleed

no more brother
no more mother
i wouldve been sorry to be him
for in his own blood he had to swim

today that girl so scared
is now very prepared
shes ready just in case
in another place

until the day she dies
then dead she lies
what a short life for each
this is a lesson to teach

never forget it
unpredictable this shit
be sure
that you know whos at your door