Rape Me

Raging hormones. Yes, that was what it was that prompted me to call him. Let’s just say self control isn’t my cup of tea. I’m impulsive, impacient, and lonely. I knew he wanted me. He’d said so himself. And when I went, I had already gone over the ‘no sex’ policy with him more than several times.
His parents were home. So we went for a walk in the wood near his house. There was a man-made pond. So we walked down its beach, but we didn’t hold hands or say much of anything. When we entered the woods, he got straight to the point.
“Are you wearing a thong?” he asked without looking up.
“Yes,” I answered honestly, really too shocked at his forwardness to come up with anything coy.
“Good. Can I see?” he inquired, reaching for the edges of my skirt.
“No,” I smiled and pulled a step away. I saw the disappointment on his face. I relented, “But you can feel.”
He grinned and picked me up, so that our faces were level. I was much shorter than him, even in my heels. Somehow I managed to straddle him, so that I could feel a hardening erection aganst my cunt. It felt good, I won’t deny it. I kissed him.
He kissed me back, but seemed more interested in my body than in kissing me. Eventually we found a rock to sit on. I sat while he peeled off my wet panties without removing my skirt. He slipped a thick finger inside of me, and began to pump it in and out.
I hadn’t expected this, but I did enjoy it. I groaned, moaned his name, grunted, and basically made sexual noises while he went to work.
When he got bored he switched places with me. he pulled down his pants and asked me to give him head. This I had expected – he was, after all, a teenage boy. I gave him a short blow job, interrupted by his hands fondleing my breasts. It distracted me and I told him so.
“Does this?” he asked, sliding two sizable fingers inside of my pussy.
I yelled out in pleasure and slight pain. I love pain in sex. But only a little. After you pass a certain mark, it isn’t sexy, but abusive. Cut me, fine. Tie me to the bed, fine. Candcuffs, it’s all been done. Try to shove a penis far too large into a vagina far too small to the point where you’re ripping me open like a bag of potato chips, I think not.
“Let me in you,” he demanded.
“No,” I told him.
“Please,” he continued to play with my nipples, and plunge his fingers in and out of me.
My mind was fogged with sex, and I was hornier than I’d ever been, “No.”
This continued for a while. Then he added anothing finger and practically begged. By that time I was out of my mind with the sensation. I could only nod, and maybe I uttered that he’d better hurry up before i changed my mind – I can’t remember.
He roughly threw me on the ground and positioned his head where it needed to be. We both knew it was far to big. As soon as he started to work on entering me, my entire body ached with the effort and pain.
“Stop,” I murmered softly.
He continued to thrust.
Maybe he hadn’t heard me, “Stop!” I said a little louder.
He continued, paying me no mind.
I knew he had heard me that time. I also knew that he wasn’t going to stop and that he was too strong for me to fight him off, and that there was no one around to hear me scream if I chose to. There was nothing I could do.
He stopped after realizing there was no way he could fit all the way in me. He got up, pulling up his pants.
I was hurt, violated and sore. I got up and dusted myself off. I tried to pass it of as if I had been willing. I went home. Told people I had merely lost my virginity. Nobody found out what really happened until months later…
If he ever reads this, I just want him to know: I hate you, Alex.

By TheFirstPlague

I don't think anyone actually reads these. But in case someone happens to stumble across mine, I suppose there should be something to greet them. I live in a small town in New England that no one has heard of. I have four sisters, and three of them have needed a therapist at one point or another (I see mine every wednesday). I hate my parents with a seething rage that usually knocks me into oblivion. This hatred being composed of resentment, miscommunications, and what all hate stems from - fear. Although I have many friends, I wouldn't consider myself popular by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy reading and writing, and I have a wide range of interests. I don't usually give away my e-mail or screen name on the internet, but from what I've read here, you people are all as tortured as I am... If any one actually cares, my username refers to the Exodus - the Ten Plagues Moses uses to free the Hebrews from Egypt. The first one turned the water to blood. Stories I've Posted Here: Rape Me Cutting Hell's Walls