Rape part 1

Shane entered Assandra’s house. It was quiet. Too quiet. He realized now that not even a single breath was being taken. Please no, he thought. Not now, Assandra. Not now.

Assandra and Shane have been friends since they were three. They had seemed to change together over the years. Their younger years they enjoyed and Shane remembered when Assandra had once had a crush on Shane. he chuckled from the thought.

He walked up the stairs carefully as if to preserve them. His black boots made a soft thump on the burgandy red carpet. His long black jacket swished behind him as if blown by the wind. He smelt the air. Blood. Shit, he thought.

As soom as he reached the top he bolted for Assandra’s room. The door was locked.

“Assandra!!” he yelled. “Don’t do this to me!!”

Shane punched and kicked the door as hard as he could but it didn’t budge. He heard a moan. Then the window opened. He smelt the air again. Bodily fluid, he thought. Did she have her period? Shane listened closely and carefully to the sounds from within Assandra’s bedroom. Another moan. But from a deep voice.

“Bitch,” someone whispered.

Shane grew angry. His eyes were blood-shot red and his heart was beating out of his chest. He grew enragedand his fists curled and uncurled into a ball. One swing was all it took. The door burst open and flew off its hinges.

“Get the fuck away from her!” Shane yelled.

His blood sped through his body faster than the speed of light. The sight he couldn’t bare. What was this he was seeing? Assandra’s own father? Injected in her?!? He gasped shocked. Her dad smirked and disengaged himself. He crawled out the window and disappeared into the night.

Shane walked over to Assandra. She was sprawled over the bed her eyes wide in terror. He fell down next to her.

“No,” he said. “No!!”

He pulled up her underwear and pants and layed her head on his lap.

“Son of a bitch.” Assandra whispered.

“You’ll be okay.” Shane said.

“What if I’m pregnant?” She asked.

“We’ll get you tested. I’ll help you raise the baby.” Shane offered.

Assandra looked up at Shane. Her black eyes met his and for the first time ever in their lives, they kissed. When they finished, Shane said,

“Let’s get outta here. He doesn’t know where I live.”

Assandra nodded and got up off his lap. As they walked downstairs, Shane took off his coat and slipped it around Assandra’s small shoulders. She smiled, thankfully. Shane leaned over and kissed Assandra’s neck. Then, they walked out to Shane’s house, wondering if her dad really knew where he lived.


By BuLiMiC

Hello, my name is LB.


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