Rape Part Five

Shane stood behind mr. Malen.

“It’s….it’s him. My father.” Shane said low.

Mr. Malen nodded and pushed Shane and Kyle through a door to his office.

“Stay in here and I’ll occupy him. You two call the police, quickly.” Mr. Malen said.

Mr. Malen quickly walked up to Shane’s father.

“Hello, sir. May I help you?” Mr. Malen asked Shane’s father.

“Yeah, I’m looking for Assandra DeVanci and Shane Matterdolf.” he answered.

“I’m sorry. No one is here by that name.” Mr. Malen said.

Meanwhile, inside Mr. Malen’s office, Shane and Kyle were calling the police.

“Pennsylvania police. How may I help you?” said the lady.

“Yes, my father has been ausing me and now he’s here at the hospital. Please help me.” Shane said panicky.

“Ok, calm, down, son. We’ll send police right away. Where are you?” the lady asked.

“441 Down Road. It’s the hospital.” Shane said, close to tears.

“Ok, hold on. The police will be right there.” the lady said and hung up.

Out in the hallway, Shane’s father had pulled a gun.

“Now, Mr. Matterdolf, there’s no need for that. Please put the gun down.” Mr. Malen said, trying to calm Shane’s father down.

“No, I want to know where that little shit called my son is, now!” Shane’s father yelled.

“Please, put the gun down.” Mr. Malen said, keeping his voice steady and calm.

Shane and Kyle looked out the office window.

“I have to go out there.” Shane whipsered.

“No, you can’t.” Kyle said.

“I have to. Otherwise, your dad will die.” Shane protested.

“Tell me now! Where is Shane and Assandra?!” Shane’s father yelled again.

Shane opened the door and walked out.

“I’m right here, dad.” Shane said.

Shane’s father pointed the gun toward Shane.

“There you are, you piece of shit.” said Shane’s father.

Shane stood there, shaking. Hoping Assandra was hidden somewhere.

Shane’s father pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Shane in the stomach and he fell to the floor, moaning. Mr. Malen began to ran to him, but Shane’s father pointed the gun at him.

“Nobody move!” he yelled.

Mr. Malen stopped dead in his tracks. Shane’s father walked up to his son and dragged him into Mr. Malen’s office. He shut the door and locked it. When he looked up, he saw Kyle.

“You.” he whispered.

Kyle’s eyes widened. NO, he thought. Red and Blue flashing lights were outside the window.

“YOU CALLED THE DAN POLICE?” Shane’s father yelled.

Kyle shook his head. But it was no use. Shane’s father pulled the trigger and shot Kyle. Kyle fell backwards through the office window. Mr. Malen ran to him. The police were inside and they held there guns up at Shane’s father.

“Put it down, John.” said one of the officers.

Shane’s father put the gun down next to his son’s motionless body. The officers tackled him and cuffed him. Kyle looked up at his foster father.

“Damn you, Kyle! I will kill you and Shane one day! One day!” Shane’s father yelled.

Kyle shook his head.

“It’s ok, son.” Mr. Malen said.

Kyle nodded. Assandra came out of the recovery room. She saw Shane on the floor with a blotch of blood on his stomach.

“SHANE!!” she screamed.

Assandra ran toward him and kneeled down next to him.

“Shane. Shane. Please, talk.” Tears formed in her eyes.

Kyle got up off the floor and half walked-half crawled toward Assandra.

“Assandra, I’m sorry.” Kyle said.

He kneeled down next to them and put his arm around her shoulders.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m Shane’s older brother. I don’t think you remember…..”

“Kyle.” she said and hugged him.

Kyle hugged Assandra surprised she remembered him.

“I’m sorry about Shane. His father came in here.” Kyle said.

“So I heard.” Assandra said.

She soon broke out crying. Kyle held her close. His stomach was killing him from the gunshot wound but he didn’t care. Some of Kyle’s blood obsorbed onto Assandra’s shirt but she didn’t care. All they cared about was if Shane was alove or not……

By BuLiMiC

Hello, my name is LB.


  1. wow…Hell Good πŸ™‚ u always write good shit, keep doing the same stuff…. I can wait to read more of this shit.


  2. finally!! I loved it, and can’t wait to see more. Once again you amaze me…

  3. Wait a minute. Shane was shot in the stomach and he was dragged into the office. Kyle was shot while in the office and he “fell backwards through the office window”
    Then Mr. Malen ran to him. But how? Had he fell badwards through the office window wouldn’t he have been outside?… or inside because there are windows in the hallway wall. Okay. I’ve confused and found myself, so that parts explained.

    Then Assandra who was supposed to be in recovery after having an hour and a half stiching session, suddenly runs out into the hall. Does anyone see the problem with this?
    And what about the police and the people in the hospital who should be getting Shane onto an operating table to get the bullet out and all of this… and Kyle’s bullet as well.. where’s all that action?

    Maybe I’m too picky.

    Good story though.


  4. One more thing..

    Shane was shot in the stomach and then his father dragged him into the office and locked the door. Then he shot Kyle, but you didn’t mention where until the end. So, if Kyle was shot in the stomach, and he had the bullet in his arm… wouldn’t he be the one that’s lying on the floor motionless((possibly from shock or loss of blood)) rather than Shane who has one bullet in his stomach?

    Shit. I complain too much. Sorry.

  5. It’sd all right. It’s good to ask questions. You caught me there. Well, yes,Kyule fell oput into the hallway. (forgot to put that) and Assandra had came out of the recovery room. She had recovered abi abnd i shudda put that she heard the commotion. Part suix will ave all the commotion but ive been having probs wit muh comp so i cant exactly post it. But it’ll come out soon. (im hoping) my mum put friggin parental controls so ya know i can texactly post. see ya at part 6 πŸ™‚

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