I lay in my bed, wide awake, thinking about the last day we spent together. I wonder why you had to go away. I wonder why you couldn’t stay here with me. I remember the last thing you said to me, before you left, was “I’ll always be here for you, no matter what”, the next thing I know, you were gone. I think about the day we first met.

*It was a cold, dark, night. I was standing on the town bridge, staring out into the river. I always came here, whenever I felt troubled or I when I was thinking about something. Being at the bridge, brought me comfort. I had always loved to stand on the bridge ever since I was a little child. Now, I was a fifteen year old, but I still came to the bridge occasionally. I stood there, thinking about the fight I had just had with my mom. She never really understood me, and she was always trying to pick a fight with me. This fight had started out because I had been talking with my cousin, telling her that I couldn’t wait to go over there for summer. Once I got off the phone, my mom started yelling at me, that I didn’t appreciate her, or the things she did for me. She told me that I was nothing but a selfish fifteen year old girl. I then ran out of the house, and I had ended up on the bridge. The words of my mom echoed in my head. I soon fell to my knees and started crying. Soon, rain was starting to fall from the sky. I continued to stay down on the floor, until I saw an umbrella over my head, and a hand reaching out to me. I took hold of the hand, and came face to face with a young teenage boy. You told me your name was Raven, and that you were sixteen. I told you my name, and my age. You then asked me why I was out on my own, in the middle of the night, crying on the floor. After I didn’t answer you, you apologized. I asked for what, and you said “I’m sorry, for asking you questions, when we barely met, you must think I’m some nosy guy.” I laughed, and told you that you weren’t being nosy, you were just showing concern. You asked me where I lived, and I said over the bridge, pass the fields. You asked me if it was okay if you walked me home. I said yes, and we started walking. As we walked, you told me about yourself. I then told you about me. We soon got to my house, and we said good-bye after exchanging phone numbers. The next day you called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with you, and I said yes. From that day forward, we spent everyday together.* A tear rolled down my eye, as I think about everything we had been through. Memories of you cloud my head. I was still having trouble going to sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I then realized that I never really got to tell you how I felt. I try hard to fall asleep, and I finally get sleepy. As I drift off to sleep, your words echo through my head.
I woke up early the next morning. I sit up in bed, as tears start streaming down my eyes. Today is the day, I thought. I got dressed quickly and decide to go to the bridge before my mom wakes up. I’m soon at the bridge, leaning against the rail, with my eyes closed. I then hear footsteps behind me, and I feel arms wrap around me. I open my eyes, and turn to face you. I stare deep into your eyes, as tears of happiness stream down my face. You hold me close, telling me that everything is going to be okay. As you hold me against you, I pull away, and look into your eyes once more. I then pour out all my feelings for you. You smile, as you tell me that you too, had the same feelings as me. I smile and hug you, whispering “I love you Raven”, into your ear. You push me back a little, and say “I love you Angelina, and I’ll always be here by your side, always.” You then bring your lips down to mine, and we share a long passionate, dreamy kiss. As we pull away, you say hug me and say good-bye. I say good-bye to you too, and whisper I love you once more. You then walk down the street, and disappear. I then open my eyes, and look down at my watch. 8:30, I have to get home, I thought. I walk home, finally feeling relief after being able to tell you how much I really cared about you and loved you. I soon arrived home, went upstairs to my room, and got dressed for your funeral.