Raven’s Story

She was gone for far too long and Mother was getting worried. The look on her face had to give it away. Raven had been a vampire hunter for more than 2 years but the first fight she had resulted her almost drained dry.

Raven was the youngest in the Vida line and the stupidest. Thank god Kava found her that night.
“Mother, don’t worry about Raven, I’m sure she’s smart enough to take care of herself. Did she say where she was going?” Kava was washing the left over dishes from dinner. Her mother sat at the kitchen table they recently enjoyed a meal on.
“Yes, she did. She told me that she was going to take good care of a vamp that was pissing her off. Do you think it turned upside down and she lost? Oh god I hope not.” Turquoise’s face was filling up with tears. Kava finished drying the last disk n sat next to her mother.
“Don’t worry, I’ll trace her.” Kava was hoping that her mother would accept that. Otherwise, Kava didn’t know what else to say.
“Don’t even bother. I’ve tried and she’s nowhere to be found, not even with a crystal.” Her mother got up and walked away holding her head high. Most likely went upstairs to the attic and get Death as a Wish. The most powerful book in the world for vampire hunters. Kava hoped it would help them find Raven.

Kava went to her room. She still had more studying to do. The competition was on Saturday for Raven to become a fully trained vampire hunter and Kava to become a Triste. A Triste is a vampire hunter on a committee that speaks for all vamp hunters. If she won against her rival, Charity, she wouldn’t be able to have children yet immortality was a perk. The weapon being used was a whip and a hand knife for Raven. Raven was good with her hands. The knife was perfect, given to her 2 years ago when she became a vampire hunter. She perfected her skills for 2 years and beat mom with it many of times. Kava, on the other hand, was horrible with a whip. She knew the basics but she was never able to completely master it.
All these thoughts had made Kava very drowsy. Her hand immediately rubbed her eyes as soon as she sat in her bed. Kava knew she had to practice but, she needed the sleep. The comfort of her pillows lulled her into a peaceful rest. As she drifted of into her dreams, chanting came from the attic. With her final thought she wished her mother good luck and fell into darkness clouded by the mystery of her little sister.

By DeamOn

I live in the dark... that's 'bout it.